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Ramara Soccer Club wraps up its season will full slate of games

A number of close games marked the end of the season for soccer players in Ramara Township

Here are the results from the Ramara Soccer Club’s final games of the season, played Aug. 13 to 15.

We do not keep score for ages four to 12.

Timbits (no scores kept)

Timbits Lime vs. Timbits Red

Timbits Blue; player of the game (POG): whole team vs. Timbits Purple

Timbits Orange; POG Jack Edwards vs. Timbits Gold

5/6 Division (no scores kept)

R Cottage Washago; POG: whole team vs. eCapital

Leatherdale Marine vs. Black’s Heating and Sheet Metal; POG: Ella Tassone

Lakeside Family Dentistry; POG: Ambreen Dharssi vs. Lake St. George Golf Club

7/8 Division (no scores kept)

Kevin Wood Real Estate vs. Knights of Columbus #1428

Ben’s Pharmacy: POG Elias Bilissis vs. James Cameron Construction Inc.; POG: whole team

Brechin Point Ice Hut Rentals vs. Lafarge Canada

9/10 Division (no scores kept)

Orillia’s Experience Nissan vs. Lewis Property Services Inc

Pet Valu Orillia; POG: Ryder Demuth vs. Twin Lakes Renovations

James Cameron Construction Inc. vs. Three Pillars Lodge 192

11/12 Division (no scores kept)

Miller Paving Ltd. vs. HGR Graham Partners LLP

Joe Watt Trophy vs. Byers Equipment Motorsports

Ramara Fire Association; POG: Lincoln Shilling vs. Black’s Heating and Sheet Metal; POG: Jaxson Leslie

13/14 Division

Crystal Clear Roofing 5 vs. Mac Lang Orillia 6

Crystal Clear Roofing goals scored by Cody Cole, Joey Szijarto

Mac Lang Orillia goals scored by Max King

Brechin Timber Mart 2 vs. Byers Contracting 3

Brechin Timber Mart goals Blake Dennis, Carter Briand; POG: whole team

Byers Contracting goals scored by Garrett Wright, Gunner Wolfe; POG: Steven Adam

15-17 Division

TMS Bin Rentals 1 vs. Willis French Bulldogs 0

TMS Bin Rentals goals scored by Joseph Lasci

Willis French Bulldogs; POG: whole team

Adult Division

Ramara Rockets Royal 1 vs. Ramara Rockets Pink 3

Royal goal scored by Matthew Planta; POG: Kristin Weiss

Pink goals scored by John Whitney

Ramara Rockets Orange 3 vs. Ramara Rockets Purple 5

Orange goals scored by Mykhailo Levko, Oleksandr Vlasenko, Cody Koesdibyo

Purple goals scored by Matt Blackwell, Brodie Fox, James Newlands; POG: whole team

Ramara Rockets Red 2 vs. Ramara Rockets Lime 1

Red goals scored by Ethan Spurr, Joe Chiaramida; POG: Jake Whitney

Lime goal scored by Blake Griffiths