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Vintage snowmobile race coming to area next month

Ontario Vintage Sno Pro Snowmobile Championships happening at Bayview Wildwood Feb. 2 and 3
2019-01-14 snowmobile race
The Ontario Snowmobile Oval Racers will host a race Feb. 2 and 3 at Bayview Wildwood Resort. Bill Murphy/Supplied photo

On Feb. 2 and 3, there will be the sound of roaring snowmobiles screaming around an ice track at Bayview Wildwood Resort in Severn Bridge.

Vintage snowmobiles will be competing in a variety of classes at speeds of up to 160 km/h. The racers will range in age from four to 64 years old, all hoping to see the checkered flag.

This event will also host the Ontario Snowmobile Oval Racers’ Ontario Vintage Sno Pro Snowmobile Championships, so get yourself out for an exciting day of racing.

There will be Junior 120 and Junior Mod 206/120. Registration is free and children four to six years old get a free membership. There will also be Super Mods and Formula F500s, screaming at top speeds in close quarters.

Qualifying will take place Feb. 2, when everyone will be trying to get the best out of their sleds and weighing out the competition. Feb. 3 brings the Ontario championships, qualifying in the morning and the finals in the afternoon. The Sparrow Lake Cup will be challenged for by the Stock Single Cylinder racers, all in combat for the $500 grand prize.

The majority of these snowmobiles are from an era when every small town hosted a snowmobile race. This will bring a lot of memories back for the residents from the whole area. Vintage snowmobiles from the 1960s to the 1990s are coming from miles away to compete. Come out for the fun and stay for the excitement. Take a step back in time to hear the roar of these old machines pushing themselves to the limit.

The action starts between 9 and 9:30 a.m. for the beginning of Hot Laps, followed by the green flag at 10 a.m. Children six and younger enter for free. All others pay $10 per day.