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(February 26, 1933 - January 18, 2021)

Celebrating her life throughout the decades.
Born February 1933, Vivian Mae Van Valkenburg in Orillia Ontario. She had 2 sisters and 2 brothers.
She met Gerald Shelswell and got married March 1951. She is survived by 3 sons, Matthew (Heather), Brian and Rodney (Bonnie) and daughter Karen.

Vivian and Gerry were married over 60 years and each anniversary Gerry reaffirmed his commitment to her. She loved the lavish attention in these moments.

They had a very humble beginnings and lots of boys to feed (ok, and one girl to buy fancy dresses for). They worked hard to provide and meet the day to day challenges life had to offer.

Vivian lived to dance and socialize with her friends. Throughout it all church was always strong in her and at the end of her life she reaffirmed this with great enthusiasm.

Family meant everything to her. She cried the day every child left to go out on their own, and cried with joy at each grandchild and great grandchild born.

She took the grandchildren to the ‘summer home’ and spent days in the sun letting them roam, eating and playing.

When the great grandchildren came along she loved nothing better in life than to get their hugs and hear their stories. It pained her greatly and she missed them when they were not there. Every place she lived was filled to the brim with pictures of them. She professed her love for them easily and often.

Each phone call and visit was met with questions about the grandkids and great- grandkids. She was always thrilled with seeing them at Christmas even if she only had energy to see them for a little while.

After her kids grew she found a love for dogs and would never be without one. They gave her the attention she craved and were great companions.

As kids summers were filled with BBQ’s, weddings and parties. Family and friends found every opportunity to gather and have fun. She would spend days cooking sometimes for these events. Cooking was her great passion and skill. Pies sold at auctions for high prices when it was discovered they were hers. Mmmm Viv’s banana cream pie. She knew her way around a kitchen and no one ever went away hungry or disappointed when she served up her food.

(Karen) During Covid I phone her every day while Matt & Heather cared for her needs. I was lucky to spend her last 6 weeks bringing her a treat and coffee each and every day. She looked forward to drinking her hot coffee and to having video chats with Matt and his family.

She left us peacefully in her sleep and just as she wished is now “with the good Lord”.

As an expression of sympathy memorial donations may be made to the Heart & Stroke Foundation or to the Gideon Bible Memorial Plan through the Simcoe Funeral Home (705)327-0221.