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Guy uses magic marker to update his plate sticker, gets caught

If you are caught driving with an expired plate sticker, you are subject to a $110 fine
20200602 magic marker licence
A home made validation sticker didn't fool police. Courtesy OPP.

Here's one you don't see every day.

A person tied to make their own license plate validation sticker with a magic marker, but obviously botched the job. With expired tags on your car, you give the police just cause to stop you.

"This dirty plate cover and a black marker were not enough to trick the keen eye of a Huntsville OPP officer this (Monday) afternoon on Hwy 11. Turns out the driver was also suspended... so they are headed to Court," tweeted the officer.

If you are caught driving with an expired plate sticker, you are subject to a $110 fine. 

And where a licence plate or plate cover is dirty, damaged, or discoloured and the licence plate is not clearly visible, the operator is subject to a fine of $85 (plus court costs and victim fine surcharges).

Police do not have to see you driving to write you a ticket. If they spot your car parked in public without tags, cops can leave a ticket on your windshield just as they would for any other parking violation. 

And you can only get the licence plate sticker renewed if you have valid insurance.

The penalty for driving without valid automobile insurance, on first conviction will not be less than $5,000 and not more than $25,000.

It should be noted that right now, the province is providing leniency to those who need validation stickers. While most Service Ontario locations, including Orillia's, have reopened, you don't have to renew your stickers at this time due to the pandemic.