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Stones unveiled on Pathway of Memories at OPP's GHQ in Orillia

'Funds allow the OPP Youth Foundation to support OPP members who dedicate their time to provide meaningful opportunities for Ontario youth,' says commissioner
2019-10-01 OPP Pathway of Memories 6
These are some of the stones unveiled at the Pathway of Memories at the OPP General Headquarters building in Ontario during a 2019 ceremony. Nathan Taylor/OrilliaMatters

The Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) and the OPP Youth Foundation recognized this year's Pathway of Memories recipients who had an inscribed memory stone dedicated in their honour, as well as those who donated a stone. 

The Pathway of Memories pays tribute to current and former OPP members and teams and their families as well as organizations that have contributed to the rich history of the OPP in some way. Recipients are honoured through engraved memory stones which are inlaid into the path - a distinguished outdoor feature at the OPP General Headquarters in Orillia.  

OPP Commissioner Thomas Carrique and OPP Youth Foundation Chair Dave Lee addressed dignitaries, memory stone recipients, their donors and other supporters at the Pathway at Memories Dedication Ceremony today. Carrique and Lee acknowledged and thanked those whose donations and contributions go a long way to help young persons in communities served by the OPP.

"The memory stone donation funds allow the OPP Youth Foundation to support OPP members who dedicate their time to provide meaningful opportunities for Ontario youth, such as OPP youth camps and bursaries," said Carrique. 

"There has never been a more important time to provide opportunities to the youth in our communities. The OPP is grateful to the OPP Youth Foundation for their exceptional volunteer work and ongoing dedication to enriching the lives of youth in communities throughout Ontario." 

Lee agreed.

"The Pathway of Memories not only supports disadvantaged youth, but has established a tangible legacy that will continue to grow in support of the OPP Youth Foundation. I am proud of the many Foundation volunteers, OPP members and other supporters who remain focused on helping our youth and contribute towards making Ontario a better place," said Lee.

A total of 105 memory stones have been donated this year, bringing the number of stones in the Pathway of Memories to 426. 

The first inscribed Pathway of Memory stones were unveiled on April 20, 2017.

The Pathway of Memories is open for public viewing on the terrace of the front lawn at GHQ, located at 777 Memorial Avenue in Orillia.