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Poll Results

What kind of physical activity do you like doing best?

Anything outside! I love hiking/walking/running 223 votes 48.27 %

I love swimming and/or other water sports 46 votes 9.96 %

I prefer to weight lift or train in the gym 36 votes 7.79 %

Team sports are my favourite 25 votes 5.41 %

I like walking . . . . from the couch to the fridge 54 votes 11.69 %

I don't love any physical activity. I do the bare minimum 48 votes 10.39 %

What is this 'physical activity' that you speak of? 30 votes 6.49 %

Total votes: 462


The poll is an unscientific sampling of public opinion intended solely to allow our readers to express themselves on issues of the day. Its findings may not be representative of the general population of Orillia or other areas.