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Bonita Glen camp has deep roots in Hawkestone (4 photos)

Take a trip down memory lane to camp life in 1950s, where 12-day stay cost $25!

Owned by the Toronto Girl Guides Association, Camp Bonita Glen is situated on Lake Simcoe at Hawkestone.

The 19-acre property with 840 feet of waterfront was purchased in 1940 from the Hodges' family estate.

Richard Hodges settled here in 1830 and developed Hodges Landing by building a large wharf, several shelters and a store to sell provisions to arriving settlers.

He later replaced the first log buildings with a large brick house that featured a long colonnaded veranda overlooking the lake.

There was said to be a tunnel from the lakeshore to the basement of the house.

Richard Hodges died in 1847 at the age of 50, so he did not see the name changed from Hodges Landing to Hawkestone in 1856.

The Girl Guides of Canada have developed the facility to include tent platforms and several indoor units including the original house.

A 1955 brochure states “The main purpose of the camp is to give Toronto Guides the opportunity to spend twelve happy days under canvas, learning new skills and enjoying a healthy, fun-packed holiday.”

Cost of the camp was $25 for the 12-day period, including transportation from Toronto.