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Life was a beach at Cooch Park in the 1920s

Take a trip down memory lane to a simpler time under the sun at Couchiching Beach
2019-04-20 59 Couchiching Beach postcard
This postcard of Couchiching Beach Park harkens back to a simpler time.

Postcard Memories is a weekly series of historic postcard views and photos submitted by Marcel Rousseau. Some were previously published by the Orillia Museum of Art and History and in the book Postcard Memories Orillia. You can take a trip down memory lane with us each Saturday morning!

There is no date on this postcard showing a busy summer day at the swimming beach.

The women’s swimwear indicates a scene from the 1920s when young women wore a figure hugging, wool jersey, sleeveless tank suit.

The beach was well equipped in the 1920s when excursion trains ran from Toronto to Couchiching Park, sometimes as many as 20 a day.

The dock in the foreground and the small raft were for use in the children’s swim area.

Two canoes can be seen. One is tied to the adult dock and another is in front of the large adult raft with the slide and high diving board.