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Finding the best local tax preparer for you

Jonathan Carter, CPA, CMA of Kata Accounting Solutions PC shares some tips on how to find the right tax preparer
Tax Help for Lake Country

Tax Help for Orillians

For some people, just thinking about tax time leaves them with a feeling of dread and confusion. It doesn’t have to, though. With the right help, filing taxes accurately and on time can be painless and easy.

“There’s a lot to navigate doing your taxes. Getting your documents together is just the first step. Then you have to learn new software, enter your information into it and trust that it will get things right… and interpret the very large and complex Canadian Income Tax Act (ITA). Ugh! No, you need to hire a cloud-based tax accountant,” explains Jonathan.

He continues, "Working with a tax accountant who stays up to date on the latest changes and challenges will mean that you just need to gather your information for them to review. It alleviates a lot of the stress and uncertainty of doing it yourself. If you’re working with someone good, you should get advice on how you can make your situation better. And if you work with someone in the cloud, you can get your taxes done without having to leave your home.”

Saving Money Using a Professional Tax Accountant

Not only do professional tax preparers, like Chartered Professional Accountants (CPAs), help you to get your taxes filed on time, but they may also save you some money. Trained professionals stay on top of annual changes in benefits and deductions that are available. They can also review past returns to make sure that they were filed correctly.

“When you work with a professional, you can rely on them to get things right based on what you’ve told them. They can help avoid unnecessary tax and get the best tax breaks available to you,” says Jonathan.

What to Look for in a Local Tax Accountant

When looking for a trusted tax accountant, Jonathan suggests finding someone who is an exceptional communicator, has an impeccable reputation, and offers reasonable financial advice.

“It’s your money and you have every right to understand your tax situation. Communication is lacking in our industry right now, so working with someone who can speak on your terms can really help make your tax situation less scary. Knowing how is just the beginning. How your tax professional communicates and the type of relationship you can have with them is what really makes using a professional worth it,” he says.

Before choosing a tax accountant to work with, start by asking friends and family for referrals. Look up any potential candidates on the  CPA website, search their name online, and schedule a consultation before you hire them. You should be wary of any tax professionals that have poor online reviews, promise unrealistic refunds, or charge you a portion of your refund.

The best tax accountants are approachable and open to answering your questions throughout the year. They plan ahead, help to keep you on track, and give you good advice. You are ultimately responsible for your tax return, so you need to work with a trustworthy accountant.

KATA on Mariposa

To find out more about how a cloud-based tax accountant can help ease some of your tax time stress, contact KATA Accounting’s helpful team.