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Georgian Bay Printers is rebranding to Print and Signs to highlight their signage services

Award-winning local business is rebranding their look and expanding their business!
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Georgian Bay Printers in Orillia is now going to be known under their new name, Print and Signs

The award-winning business, owned and operated by husband and wife team Shirin Husein and Husein Mulla, has recently gone through a rebrand so customers know that not only have they been providing signage for almost five years, but they’ve expanded and are now able to provide a larger variety of signage services.

“Georgian Bay Printers is rebranding to the name Print and Signs to unite our service disciplines, reflect our increasing range of signage products, and establish our goal of future expansion,” Husein said. 

After years of people inquiring about whether or not they offer signage services, Husein said it was clear that their current name didn’t adequately portray that. Changing their name to Print and Signs will make their signage services easier to find while reassuring their customers they still provide printing services as usual.

“Over the past few years, while both our client base and in-house production have increased, we found that many of our existing customers weren’t aware that we offered sign printing as well as our traditional printed paper products,” she said. “Not to mention our additional speciality finishing and graphic design services.”

Print and Signs provides a wide variety of printing and signage products and services 

Print and Signs was launched as Georgian Bay Printers in 2011 by Husein and her husband, along with a small but dedicated team, in Orillia. The business started as a modest print shop with second-hand equipment and a small assortment of services, but quickly began to expand and see success.

For over a decade now, Husein said they’ve enjoyed forming business relationships with numerous clients, companies, and organizations. She said their continued success is built on a foundation of loyal and satisfied customers that they’re grateful for, their dedication to upholding their core values, and their motivation to continually bring additional products and services to their community.

Their clientele ranges from small businesses to large corporate businesses, and they provide a wide variety of printing services much more than the typical letterhead, business cards or menus. Husein said, they’re able to print on pretty much anything and have printed everything from realtor books, Ontario maps, and brochures, to event tents, table covers and playing cards.

Similarly, their signage services include a wide range of options, such as lawn or election signs, street banners and storefront signage, to media walls, billboards and flags. The sizes, colours and designs are limitless and they also have an in-house graphic designer to assist with the design process

The benefits of printing and signage services done in-house versus outsourced

At Print and Signs, Husein said they do all of their printing and signage services in-house, which offers several benefits to customers. 

“Our objective is to simplify the printing process for customer ease, comfort and enjoyment, by ensuring that our five core values are constantly being met,” she said. They are as follows:

Accommodating Service

By providing friendly, genuine customer service, they make sure that each customer has the best experience possible 

In-House Production

Printing on-site allows them to provide production updates, in-store samples, a quicker turnaround, and quality control

Quality Assurance

Every order is produced to ensure the highest quality possible 

Cost Effective Solutions

They’ll always let you know if there’s a more affordable or effective way to print something

Lifelong Learning

They’re committed to continuously learning and improving, offering more stocks and substrates, and exploring new techniques and technologies with the latest software 

Having won the Business Achievement Award for Best Customer Service twice, with the latest award received this past March, Husein said she wants to let the Orillia community know that Print and Signs will be offering the same quality services with the same staff and customer service they’ve always provided. Despite the name of their business changing, the core of their business will remain the same. 

For all your printing and signage needs, contact Print and Signs or call them at 705-327-5152. You can also visit their Facebook page to learn more.