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Job seekers carefully weigh their options before jumping back into the workforce

Agilec offers support to job seekers, wherever they are at in their employment journey

There might not be two hotter sectors at the moment than the housing market and the job seekers market.

It’s just as great to be a home seller as it is a job seeker in Orillia right now.

Sarah Creasor is the Team Leader with Agilec’s Orillia branch. She supports her team to assist job seekers and employers in lining up opportunities, helps candidates with resume writing, interview preparation and career coaching and more.

“It’s somewhat comparable to the housing market these days,” Creasor said. “They say it’s a good time to be a seller, not the greatest time to be a buyer. And I think that kind of applies to job seekers; there’s lots of opportunities out there.”

There have been vast ebbs and flows in the job market over the past few years, and as we enter the summer months, the supply of positions available still outweighs the demand.

As a city with an older demographic, Creasor has noticed an uptick in older workers looking for additional income to supplement their retirement savings. With the rise of cost of living, their original retirement savings might not be enough to cover necessities like rent, groceries and gas.

Compared to neighbouring communities, Orillia is a smaller city, which bodes well for local residents hoping to gain employment. Whether it’s seniors seeking part-time work, or students seeking seasonal positions, there’s a wealth of opportunities out there.

Agilec realizes some job seekers may encounter barriers during their job search, which is why their employment coaches can meet prospective candidates in a more local setting. Whether it’s a public setting like a coffee shop or library, Agilec aims to make the process as smooth as possible.

“That’s what we’re trying to do now, is that outreach; meeting clients where they’re at,” Creasor said. “Supporting our candidates with those life stabilization pieces before they’re gaining employment, to ensure that the employment they gain is going to be meaningful and successful.”

For some, jumping back into the workforce or embarking on a second career requires a bit of planning and preparation.

Having pillars in place like housing, food security, transportation and mental health take precedence before going after a new job.

For those able to visit Agilec’s Orillia office in-person, they offer research and information computers for candidates to investigate the job market, or to update their resume and cover letter. Virtual services can also be arranged.

There is no shortage of jobs available at the moment, so seekers can afford to take their time and weigh their options when it comes to finding their next employer.

“I think a lot people have also realized from the pandemic that life’s short, and they have alternative priorities that outweigh the urgency to get back in the workforce,” Creasor said.

Your job is out there. Take the next step and speak with a job coach at Agilec to start on the right path. With their community outreach program, one of their coaches can even meet where it’s easiest for you. Learn more about Agilec online here.