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More than just a job; employers exploring new ways to find the right fit

Agilec takes a different approach to matching employers with ideal candidates

While some markets have cooled off this summer, the job seekers market continues to be red hot in Orillia and throughout most of Ontario. Supply and demand dictate the job market right now, and applicants are in high demand across many sectors.

On the other side of the table, many employers are struggling to recruit and retain employees in this ultra-competitive job market. They’re stepping up their game by offering higher wages, opportunity for growth, and better incentives to lure applicants to join their team.

One method employers use to find high-quality candidates in Orillia is by working with Agilec. Crystal Edwards and Sonja Santala are employer liaisons who work hand-in-hand with local businesses and companies to match them with viable candidates.

Their process begins by meeting with employers, identifying the gaps on their team, and creating job listings that will attract the high-quality applicants for the position.

“My job is to support them and find out what they’re actually needing, and not what they think they need,” Santala said. “Digging deep and finding out what the culture is like in the company and supporting them the best as we can.”

Finding the right fit is crucial because the recruiting aspect of hiring can be a tedious and time-consuming exercise.

There’s nothing worse than spending all that time to land the number one candidate, only to have them respond: “thanks, but no thanks.”

“We always try to catch employers before they’ve posted their job on Indeed or any of the search engines,” Edwards said. “We like to look at it differently. It’s not just the standard job posting that Sonja and I take. We really look for the fit. What works well for the staff that they have."

“Maybe not all the skills that they think they require, but really finding out who would work well starting in that role and then developing them from that point. We take a bit of a different approach.”

Because they work hand-in-hand with employers and applicants, Agilec can assist on both ends; with preparing candidates for their interview, and assisting employers with the tools they need to post, interview, and hire.

One big challenge employers struggle with is reliability and retention. Job seekers who fail to show up for interviews or miss their first day of work are two big pain points for those hiring. When there’s a facilitator like Agilec in the middle, there’s accountability on both ends, which helps to limit those costly no-shows.

“If there are any concerns, we make sure that communication is open. Supporting that candidate and employer, rather than just a quick dismissal or leaving, and navigating that conversation and finding a way to solve what that problem may be before it gets to that point,” Edwards said.

Employers can also take advantage of training incentives offered by the Government of Ontario.

Another valuable resource for employers is the Canada Ontario Job Grant, which can cover up to $15,000 in training costs for new hires. This allows trainees to upscale their training on the job, while subsidizing some costs for the employer.

Securing sustainable employment is a large piece of the puzzle for many of these individuals, but it’s not the only life piece. Aspects like mental health, food security and housing are other challenges individuals face.

Agilec not only helps with the employment aspect, but wrap-around support by offering referrals to local support providers. These crucial resources help build a stronger person, and in turn, a stronger worker.

Looking to hire a worker for your business or host a job fair? Agilec can match you up with the right person for your position. It’s no cost for employers or candidates to use Agilec’s services.

Speak to an Employer Liaison like Crystal or Sonja at