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The power of a team: Why strength in numbers applies to real estate too

How a real estate team benefits buyers, sellers and agents, says REALTOR® Kaleb Streeter
“There’s nothing but upside, there’s power in numbers,” says REALTOR® Kaleb Streeter.

As a buyer or seller, what difference does it make if your REALTOR® is part of a team? Is that a factor you should even take into consideration?

“There’s nothing but upside, there’s power in numbers,” says REALTOR® Kaleb Streeter.

Turns out, there are some very real advantages. As a buyer, it guarantees that there will always be someone available to show you a property. This is especially advantageous in a market that moves as quickly as this one.

“Speed to offer is crucial,” he explains. “It’s not uncommon for an agent to be booked up a few days out and to accommodate a showing request isn’t always possible. We eliminate that by having multiple REALTORS® that work for the buyer, the lead REALTOR® with support agents in the background only if needed.”

For sellers, those who work with a team can get to market faster. That’s because they employ a professional for every step of the process: stagers, photographers, administrative staff for data entry, etc. They pool resources to help price a home, list a home for sale and even negotiate offers. “The more REALTORS® in a single team or office can help maximize the exposure of your listing,” says Streeter. “The advantages are nearly endless.”

When Streeter was first starting out, he knew that he wanted to be part of a team. He began his real estate career as a team agent and, looking back, says that was 100% the right move. “For new REALTORS®, having the support of a team behind you will help you get off the ground with little to no financial investment. You’ll also have access to clients to work with right away,” he says.

Contrast that with working independently. It could take you six months to sell your first home—with a team it could be six days. The learning curve gets shortened as well, by about four months, he estimates, so agents can serve at a high level much faster.

“There are a million reasons why a team makes sense for everyone involved, but the biggest advantages are to newer agents or agents who are slowing down as they approach retirement. And that’s just for the team members, the clients are the real winners,” he says.

The Streeter Team currently has five members. Kaleb is the Team Lead and Listing Specialist, Alex Jackson and Mikaila Bolzonello are REALTORS®, Adèle Côté is the Client Care Coordinator and Pamela Crawford works as the team’s Media Manager.

This particular combination of talent offers an array of unique strengths. First is their commitment to exceptional customer service. “We are unmatched in our ability to react, communicate and serve the client. Aside from a couple errant reviews, we carry a flawless

5-star rating on our service, and this is through good and bad markets. We’re not just people with real estate licences, we care about the client and get deeply involved in their move. It’s a relationship to us, not just a transaction,” explains the agent.

Expect to see more growth from this hardworking team in the future. Says Streeter, “If you’re not growing, you’re dying. Whether we grow by service offerings, number of clients or by employee count, we’ll grow in the right capacity for the needs of the business at that time.”

To search hundreds of homes locally, check out the Streeter Team's listings or call 705-323-9212.