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ADOPT ME: Salvador may be slightly nervous at first

This white and orange tabby needs someone to show him what love is supposed to look like

OrilliaMatters, in partnership with the Comfie Cat Shelter, brings you a regular feature highlighting a special pet that is in need of adoption.
Pick me, pick me! Hi, I'm Salvador.

Sure I may be slightly nervous at first, but seriously, you try being dumped at a shelter and not having a place of your own.

I may duck slightly when you bring your hand to pet me, it is more of a reflex, but I do very much like to be pet and loved.

Please show me how love is supposed to be and I will show you my best self!

I am a short hair, white and orange tabby, male, who was neutered in care of CCS. They estimate my date of birth to be July 2021.

ID#24-004 Salvador

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