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ONTARIO: Thieves cut the catalytic converter off this food bank van

It's going to cost $4,500 to get the vehicle back on the road

SUDBURY - Greater Sudbury Police are asking for the public's assistance to locate the culprits in an incident involving the catalytic converter being cut off the Sudbury Food Bank's delivery van, rendering the vehicle inoperable.

The incident occurred overnight between Nov. 12 and Nov. 13 in the food bank's parking lot.

It is believed that some sort of saw was used to cut the catalytic converter from the undercarriage of the van.

The van would have been visible from Webbwood Drive as well as Lorne Street when the incident occurred.

The Sudbury Food Bank uses the van to pick up and deliver fresh produce and food items for our city’s most vulnerable community members. 

The food bank is unable to use the van until it is repaired and the estimated damage to the van is estimated at $4,500.

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