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BEHIND THE SCENES: How a Thorold variety store owner reacted to a robbery

ThoroldToday reporter Bernard Lansbergen talks about the recent armed robbery at Little Pine Variety — and why the owner, held up at gunpoint, was determined to get right back to work  

Last month, ThoroldToday spoke to Sue Sarcino of Little Pine Variety, who was robbed at gunpoint — then went right back to work after police left the scene.

“What am I supposed to do?” Sarcino said. “Cry over $80? I don’t get bullied. I’m not going to sit in my closet and cower over every noise I hear.”

In fact, Sarcino said she was glad the robber targeted her and not someone more vulnerable. "Maybe it saved some little old lady getting knocked down in the parking lot with a gun in her face," she said.

Reporter Bernard Lansbergen, who covered the story, was a recent guest on Village Media's "Behind the Scenes."