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Orillia Highland and Step Dance

Orillia Highland and Step Dance is a premier dance studio located in the heart of Orillia, Ontario, offering top-notch dance lessons in three distinct styles: Cape Breton Island step dancing, Ontario step dancing, and Highland dancing. With a passion for preserving the rich cultural heritage and traditions of these dance forms, our experienced instructors are dedicated to providing exceptional training and fostering a love for dance in all our students.

Our Dance Styles:

1. Cape Breton Island Step Dancing:
Cape Breton Island Step Dancing is a lively and energetic dance style deeply rooted in the vibrant culture of Nova Scotia. At our studio in Orillia, students will master the intricate footwork and rhythmic movements characteristic of this traditional dance form. From beginners to advanced dancers, our classes cater to all skill levels, ensuring each individual's growth and enjoyment.

2. Ontario Step Dancing:
Ontario Step Dancing, a distinctive form of percussive dance, holds its roots in Canadian history and storytelling. Our dedicated instructors offer comprehensive lessons that delve into the historical context and techniques behind this captivating dance style. Aspiring dancers will find a supportive and nurturing environment to develop their skills and confidence right here in Orillia.

3. Highland Dancing:
Highland Dancing, with its origins in Scotland, is a captivating display of grace, strength, and precision. At Orillia Highland and Step Dance, students will be introduced to the rich heritage and traditions of Highland dancing. Our classes focus on developing proper form and technique, while also nurturing artistic expression and stage presence.

Why Choose Us:

Experienced Instructors: Our team of highly skilled instructors brings years of experience in teaching and performing various dance styles, ensuring the highest quality of education.

Cultural Preservation: We are committed to preserving the cultural heritage of these traditional dance forms and passing on the knowledge to the next generation.

Inclusive Environment: We welcome students of all ages and skill levels, fostering a supportive and inclusive atmosphere where everyone can thrive.

Whether you're a beginner taking your first steps into the world of dance or an experienced dancer looking to refine your skills, Orillia Highland and Step Dance has the perfect class for you. Join us today and embark on an enriching journey through the captivating world of Cape Breton Island step dancing, Ontario step dancing, and Highland dancing.

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