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The Lighthouse Soup Kitchen and Shelter


A thriving community where everyone has hope, a home and a future.  


We support all people in having hope and a home.

We work together with our partners, through relief, support and development, to help people thrive in community.

We strengthen faith, meet physical needs, and encourage housing success

What is The Lighthouse?

  • HOPE - Through Christian leadership, community partnerships, and by using an asset-based, participant empowerment approach we foster hope in those we work with. At all levels of our engagement - including relief, support and development - we look for ways to help find a way through difficulty and into a better life.
  • HOME - Together with community partners, we help get people housed and keep them housed. We work hard to provide solutions for every stage of need; emergency, supportive, and affordable housing in a sustainable continuum. In all of this, our people, partners and programs are committed to not only providing a place to live, but to creating a thriving community.
  • FUTURE - Housing is the first step to a successful future. Everything becomes more possible when we have a home.

The Lighthouse and it's partners are committed to being a part of the whole journey to individual success and thriving community.

By addressing physical, emotional and spiritual needs, in a sustainable and responsible way, we're dedicated to the future of our community.

Our People