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LETTER: Bill 23 shows 'contempt for ordinary citizens'

'Democracy is being bled to death,' says letter writer
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Probably most Ontarians, especially those near the GTA, know about Bill 23 and are aware that it will remove any input on development by individuals or municipalities, allow expropriation of conservation lands (which threatens our water supply) and farmland (which threatens our food security), and allow destruction of wetlands, forests, and also important Indigenous heritage sites.

Those aware of the bill are also aware that this is a cynical land grab, for the benefit of developers and no one else.

But this bill is also a warning in another way: This is how dictatorships are made, when a duly elected government systematically removes citizens’ rights until there are none left. The contempt for ordinary citizens and their locally elected governments being shown by Ford and his cronies is staggering. Democracy is being bled to death by them with a thousand cuts.

So, write letters, call your MPP, call the premier’s office, complain loudly, but do something to oppose this disquieting and destructive piece of legislation.

Ruth Atwood