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LETTER: Citizen urges MPP Jill Dunlop to host town hall meetings

MPP has a 'duty to host public town halls ... so that we can get some clear, definitive answers to the many questions that we have'
2018-06-12 Jill Dunlop
A citizen is urging MPP Jill Dunlop to host town hall forums across the riding to give concerned citizens a chance to ask questions about the provincial government's decisions. Nathan Taylor/OrilliaMatters
OrilliaMatters received the following letter from a concerned constituent urging Simcoe North MPP Jill Dunlop to host town hall meetings.

As your constituent, I consider myself a highly engaged, well informed and responsible member of my community.

Over the past nine months, during the tenure of our current provincial government, there have been so many changes to education, health care, conservation, public health, child care, senior supports, libraries, public health, community-based support services and women’s supports.

These services, along with legislation such as Bill 66, have given many of your constituents a great deal of concern. We have questions. We want answers.

I know that many residents in our riding have questions and are greatly concerned about the current status of services in our community and the direction of your party’s leadership.

Your residents are taking to the street to protest your leadership and the leadership about the decision-making process of our provincial government.

As your constituent, I believe that if you are a responsible leader and as our provincial representative, then you have a fiduciary duty to host public town halls across Simcoe North riding, so that we can get some clear, definitive answers to the many questions that we have.

If you can make time for photo ops, time to host visiting MPP’s such as Raymond Cho and time to host fundraisers for the upcoming federal election, in our community, then you have time to host town halls for your constituency and respectfully answer questions and be accountable to your constituents.

A concerned citizen,

Christine Cooper