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LETTER: City's boat launch plan leaves reader in 'disbelief'

'It seems someone has drawn up plans without practical consideration for traffic flows,' says letter writer
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I stopped to look at the boat launch poster board the city has erected at the Couchiching Beach Park area and was astounded at what is proposed for the site.

It seems someone has drawn up plans without practical consideration for traffic flows, manoeuvring room for boats pulled on trailers, and the actual physical launching of a boat and subsequent parking of the towing vehicle and trailer. In addition, regular vehicle parking is to be provided in this tight area that will interfere with the act of launching and retrieving a boat.

A quick viewing of the plan revealed to me that there will now be only one way in and out of the site — for both regular vehicles and vehicles towing and launching boats. What?

I can see potential traffic chaos within the site, with cars trying to enter and exit, and vehicles backing up and trying to launch, using the same laneway that is to be provided.

Boats waiting to be launched will stop in that laneway, waiting for their turn at the ramp, so that will create a jam in itself.

As a boat owner myself, launching boats both here in Ontario and in Florida, I’ve used many well-thought-out facilities, but I’m left shaking my head in disbelief at the poor planning the city has put into this project.

Stuart Brown