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LETTER: Conditions at Rotary Place 'saddens' long-time player

'It saddens me that we can't take care of it,' says Bruce Goddard
2018-12-11 rotary bathroom
A local hockey player says broken toilet paper dispensers, sub-par fixtures and black mould are the norm within Rotary Place dressing rooms. Facebook Photo

OrilliaMatters received the following letter from Bruce Goddard in response to Tuesday's article, Rotarty Place dressing rooms 'disgusting,' says local hockey player.

I understand Mr. Falcon's frustration in regards to Rotary Place.

The shower heads in Room 5 also need replacing.

On Dec 5, I wrote to the Mayor and Councillor Cipolla with other issues at Rotary Place. The soap dish in Room 5 has been hanging off the wall since September of 2017. So that means it has been broken for around 15 months.

What a beautiful facility and it took a lot to get it built and it saddens me that we can't take care of it.

My two questions are.

  • 1. What is the reason we can't get that soap dish fixed?
  • 2. Is someone responsible for doing weekly or monthly inspections?

Next week I will have to check the players' bench door hinges on the far south end of the blue pad. I will also check the door leading from Room 5 hallway to the Blue Pad.

On Dec 12, I discovered the players' box door hinges still remain worn out and have been since last year's hockey season.

Yes, the door leading to the ice still requires adjustment and also has since last year's hockey season.

The soap dish? Well it's been removed from the wall.

Bruce Goddard