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LETTER: Province's back-to-school plan 'a complete disaster'

Lecce won't risk his health, but he has no problem risking our most precious resource, our children and their futures, laments letter writer
2020-08-04 Lecce JO-002
Minister of Education Stephen Lecce visitedShanty Bay Public School in Oro-Medonte earlier this week. His back-to-school plan is under fire. Jessica Owen/OrilliaMatters File Photo
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An open letter to Premier Doug Ford and Minister of Education Stephen Lecce
Your plans for elementary classrooms are a complete disaster. Yes, "YOU own these plans" as our government, through the Ministry of Education. It's not something you can slough off onto the school boards and educational staff.
You, as elected leaders, are responsible for the overall safety of children and staff in schools and cannot pass the buck. It stops with you.
The already overcrowded, small rooms, especially in kindergarten to Grade 3, are, at the best of times, perfect petri dishes, Bugs spread like wildfire.
If you two think that 30 kids can isolate and learn safely in this environment, then we suggest that you both sit in on these classes for a few days this September for the full experience.
Wear your masks, though, because most of the kids won't be. You have already ignored much of the advice that Sick Kids Hospital gave you - in typical fashion, you only cherry-pick what you want.
Better still, why don't you set a fine example by immediately recalling the legislature and have all MPPs, including yourselves sit in your normal seats (not distancing) without masks for the next three weeks.
You won't risk your health and that of your colleagues but you have no problem risking our most precious resource, our children and their futures.

And, for our local MPP: Ms. Dunlop's constituent offices remain closed due to COVID. We should expect her to reopen Sept. 8 just like the schools - no?
If not - why not? Let's see if there is a public explanation.
Dennis Rizzo (Orillia)
Don Brundage (Tiny Township)