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LETTER: 'Thug-like violence' in downtown Orillia alarming

What are our officials and law enforcement doing about this, reader asks, saying she 'felt unsafe in my town'
Earlier this summer, two females broke the entry arm of a paid parking lot in downtown Orillia. A local resident is sounding the alarm after feeling 'unsafe' in the downtown area this week.

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I moved to Orillia from Stouffville five years ago. Recently, I observed a very disturbing occurrence on our main street downtown.

On Thursday while I was walking along Mississaga Street at about 4 p.m., I witnessed a group of young boys harassing an older man and throwing things at him. He was obviously at a disadvantage.

They were having fun distressing him and hurling things at him and taunting him.

Another young person came along and told them to stop, which caused a great deal of swearing and shouting.

I felt sorry for the man and I also felt unsafe in my town.

Shopkeepers were standing in their doorways, shaking their heads. I asked if things were getting worse and they said yes.

How is this demonstration of thug-like violence acceptable? Do we turn a blind eye and just walk away?

What are our officials and law enforcement doing about this situation? Please assure us that something is being done.

Susan Chris