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LETTER: Time for Ford to drop Bill 124 appeal

Now is the time to 'extend an olive branch to our hard-pressed health-care workers,' says letter writer
OSMH Rally 4
Orillia Soldiers' Memorial Hospital employees are shown protesting Bill 124 in this file photo.

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It is time to do the right thing.

With all the difficulties with our health-care system, I think that most of the people of Ontario would agree that now is not the time to be miserly with the pay of our health-care workers.

These are the people that carried a tremendous load during the darkest days of COVID and, even now, are bearing the brunt of overwork, understaffing and burnout. Symbolically, morally and spiritually, the Ford government is wrong to have a law (Bill 124) that imposes a one per cent limit on salary raises. The courts have overturned Bill 124 and declared it to be unconstitutional, but the Ford government is appealing the ruling.

If ever there was a time to show respect and extend an olive branch to our hard-pressed health-care workers, it is now. Please, Premier Ford, drop the appeal of Bill 124 and negotiate a fair compensation for the workers who put their lives on the line while labouring in exhausting and nerve-racking conditions.

David Howell