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Confident Ford makes campaign stop at 'second home,' Bracebridge

Ford vows victory in Bracebridge for Graydon Smith, predicts Del Duca won't win his own seat, and lauds his 'strong plan' for Ontario
Doug Ford, leader of the Progressive Conservative party, right, made a campaign stop earlier today in Bracebridge where he met with the riding's candidate, Graydon Smith, the long-time mayor of Bracebridge.

BRACEBRIDGE — Doug Ford made a brief stop in Bracebridge earlier today where the Progressive Conservative leader praised candidate Graydon Smith, who has served as mayor of Bracebridge in recent years.

“Let's make no mistake about it. Graydon is going to win this riding,” Ford told reporters. “He's been here, his family's been here representing the people, for decades, on top of decades. He’s done a great job being Mayor.”

Ford also played up his relationship with Muskoka.

“This is my second home,” said Ford. “People in Bracebridge and Huntsville see me all the time. 

“I'm proud to say that because of Graydon Smith, they’re getting hospitals in Huntsville and …in Bracebridge and that's what people need up here. They need gainful employment all the time, which we have the economy humming up here,” Ford said.

“Under the Kathleen Wynne and Mr. Del Duca’s government, propped up by the NDP, they ignored the north. They ignored Parry Sound, Muskoka and we will never ignore them,” vowed Ford.

“This is like my second home. So, I love the people up here. You can't ask for a stronger voice than Graydon Smith.”

He also predicted Del Duca, the leader of the Ontario Liberal party, would not win his seat in the June 2 election.

Ford stressed his “strong plan” includes cutting red tape and getting shovels in the ground to help tackle the affordable and attainable housing crisis.

He also said his government is “putting money back into people’s pockets” through cutting licence plate stickers, getting rid of tolls and cutting the gas tax.

In response to a question from a reporter, Ford said he has not told PC candidates to avoid debates.

“No, not at all,” Ford told reporters. “There’s going to be some candidates that want to do the debates and some that aren’t going to do the debates.”

However, he said he is “out here every single day. And we're making sure that there's a clear distinction between our party and the other parties."