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Council approves development charge credit for Inch Farm developer

LIV Communities will create smaller arterial road than initially planned
Pictured are the lands owned by LIV Communities, which include the Inch Farm and Hawk Ridge Golf Club, where it would like to build hundreds of homes and long-term care beds.

A developer looking to create housing on the Inch Farm property will get a development charge credit from the city.

On Monday, city council approved a staff request to provide the credit to LIV Communities “in an amount not exceeding $3,212,663, together with an additional contribution not to exceed $2,234,442.”

It will see LIV Communities create a 580-metre road connection between the Highway 12/Murphy Road intersection and the Hurlwood Lane/Burnside Line intersection in Severn Township.

Coun. Janet-Lynne Durnford asked why the proposal was to extend the road for about three-quarters of the length, including a turnaround area, rather than extending it to its full length.

Jamie Galloway, the city’s director of engineering, noted the initial plan was to create a road 740 metres long to allow for access to the first portion of the housing development. However, it was determined the road did not need to be more than 580 metres in length.

When the project was put out to tender last year, it included a 740-metre-long arterial road, but it would have been “significantly over budget,” said Ian Sugden, general manager of development services and engineering.

Two reasons for the additional cost were a bridge over the north tributary and the need for a temporary sewage pumping station. Neither is required if the road is only 580 metres long, Sugden said, noting that will result in cost savings.

Council also directed staff to negotiate an agreement with LIV Communities that would permit the developer “to enter onto the city’s Inch employment lands to construct the Phase 1 portion of the planned Inch arterial road and associated servicing infrastructure.”


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