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ENERGY TIP: Don't drive! Save money and save the planet

Sustainable Orillia presents its weekly energy tip; The average family spends 20% of its family income on transportation
2018-08-07 Transit JO-011
Leaving your car at home and taking the new LINX bus service will save you money and help lessen the impact on the environment. Jessica Owen/BarrieToday

EDITOR'S NOTE: OrilliaMatters is partnering with Sustainable Orillia to publish a weekly energy tip. Check back here every Tuesday evening for a new tip. We kick off the new weekly feature with a tip about our car habits.

As Paul Simon famously sang, 'Jump on the bus, Gus!' Or plan to carpool at least a couple of days a week.

If possible, ride your bicycle to work. Walk, even. Get some exercise—your body will thank you.

Driving to Toronto often? Take the GO bus or the GO train from Barrie instead. The new (Aug. 6) LINX bus will take you to Barrie for $4. It goes every 50 minutes between 6 a.m. and 6 p.m.

Learn how to connect with Toronto subways and buses. Leave the driving to someone else.

The average family, it is said, spends 20% of their family income on transportation. This means that reducing use of our cars can save us thousands of
dollars each year.

Transportation is the source of 25% of our carbon emissions in Canada. So we’re saving money, but we’re also saving the planet. Let’s do it.

If you have an idea about how to reduce waste, improve the environment or reduce our carbon footprint, send your idea to