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Gender-neutral collection designed by local fashion designer

The designer, an Orillia native, says the logo of the design represents the combination of the gender symbols into the name of the collection, ONE
2021-03-24 Michelle Bylow Gender-Neutral Design supplied
The latest design by local designer Michelle Bylow.

Orillia native and Wasaga Beach resident Michelle Bylow releases an inclusive gender-neutral streetwear style collection "ONE" under her brand Jojee Apparel. ONE is bright and fun featuring hand painted fabrics and designs to fit all shapes and sizes.

“Jojee is inclusive and encourages people to dress how they want regardless of societal pressure to be a certain way. Each ONE garment can be worn by anyone and everyone. The collection is size inclusive ranging in sizes from XS – XL. The logo and hand-painted fabrics represent the combination of gender symbols into ONE”

Michelle designs and constructs each garment in her Wasaga Beach based studio. She describes the brand as the opposite of fast fashion and puts a focus on quality and durability.

When we asked Bylow what inspired her to design a gender-neutral collection she replied, “As a woman who has been labelled a 'tomboy' my entire life, the ONE collection is important to me on a very personal level. My dressing style has never fit into how women were expected to dress. Not fitting into this mould has at times made me feel less attractive and confused. I want the ONE collection can give people confidence to be who they are and lessen the noise of what we are being told we should be”

All garments are available for purchase at