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Here are some ways to celebrate Earth Day in Orillia

City offering free transit April 22; mayor encourages citizens 'to work collaboratively towards a greener, more resilient future'
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April 22 is Earth Day and the City of Orillia is encouraging residents to take advantage of free Orillia Transit and active transportation options in the city to help reduce your carbon footprint.

“As we celebrate Earth Day on April 22, let’s continue to work collaboratively towards a greener, more resilient future,” said Mayor Don McIsaac. “It’s not only about embracing eco-friendly practices, but also about instilling a sense of responsibility and stewardship for our planet in future generations. By using public transit, active transportation methods, and looking for other ways to reduce our carbon footprints, families can actively contribute to the well-being of our environment and help foster a culture of sustainability within our community.”

April 22, 2024 — Free Orillia Transit

To mark Earth Day on April 22, 2024, the City of Orillia is offering free Orillia Transit services. Residents are encouraged to leave the car at home and use this opportunity to reduce their carbon footprint. Visit for more information on schedules and routes.

Active transportation

The city offers a variety of active transportation opportunities and has invested significantly in the development of new sidewalks, bike lanes, active transportation routes and trails, and an extensive and interconnected system of multi-use recreational trails. Orillia Transit buses are also equipped with bicycle racks available for riders to encourage the use of active transportation networks within the city.

Sustainable tips

This Earth Day, the city encourages residents to “spring” into sustainable cleaning. These tips can help keep your environment fresh and the planet healthy.

  • Consider using all-natural cleaning products or make your own.
  • Donate or recycle unwanted products and clothing. The city will be running its first clothing and textile curbside collection the week of May 27 to 31, 2024. Visit for details.
  • Use reusable cloths and mop heads or make cloth rags out of old clothing that can’t be donated.
  • Purify the air by adding more plants in your house, using essential oils, boiled lemon peels, and flowers.
  • Air-dry clothes and textiles.
  • Unsubscribe to unused mail services to limit unwanted paper from piling up at your home.
  • Be mindful of water use and look for opportunities to use less.
  • Repair, fix, or repurpose items you have. Visit the city’s Re-use Depot at the Waste Diversion Site to drop off or pick up items such as paint, refinishing products, furniture or books.
  • Use the city’s What Goes Where tool to ensure waste is put in the right place. Access the What Goes Where tool and more recycling tips at

Climate change action plan

The City of Orillia is dedicated to promoting sustainable operations and reducing climate change impacts through continuous improvements to facilities and infrastructure. In 2024, the city is undertaking a number of projects to lower its carbon footprint and promote sustainability including interior and exterior efficient lighting retrofits, water-saving retrofits, building automation upgrades, electric vehicle charging, climate change adaptation measures, and public education initiatives.

The city’s climate change action plan, Orillia’s Climate Future, identifies ways our community can tackle the crucial challenge presented by climate change by making our homes, offices, roads, and green spaces more sustainable. To learn more, visit



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