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NDP, Greens announce candidates for upcoming federal election

School teacher Janet-Lynne Durnford will be carrying the NDP banner locally, while Rama's Krystal Brooks will be representing the Green Party
Janet-Lynne Durford and Jagmeet Singh (June 2019)
Janet-Lynne Durnford has been selected as the NDP candidate for Simcoe North. She is shown with party leader, Jagmeet Singh.

The slate seems to be set in Simcoe North.

Today, both the federal NDP and Green Party announced they have chosen candidates to run in the Sept. 20 federal election called by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau on Sunday.

Janet-Lynne Durnford will be Simcoe North's NDP candidate. The Orillia elementary school teacher, artist and volunteer has lived in the riding for almost 50 years.

She and her husband, Max, have two children.

Durnford said she is “prepared to fight for Canadians and for Simcoe North residents” despite what she calls an “unnecessary” election.

“I’m running because I care deeply about our community and about the future of our country,” Durnford said in a media release. 

“Every Canadian deserves equitable and affordable access to safe housing, higher education, truly universal healthcare, and quality child and elder care,” said the candidate.

"With leadership, we can transition to a green economy that protects workers and tackles the climate crisis,” Durnford said.

“With the NDP in Parliament under the leadership of Jagmeet Singh, we can accomplish it. New Democrats are ready for better. We will get results for Canadians,” she vowed.

The Green Party announced today that Krystal Brooks has been approved as the nominee to represent the riding in Simcoe North. 

Although, it’s not quite official. Technically, nominations will be accepted until midnight on Aug. 17. However, the only other “vetted” candidate, Cate Root, has withdrawn to support Brooks.

Root said she is “thrilled” at Brooks’ candidacy.

“As a member from the Chippewas of Rama First Nation, Brooks is uniquely situated to step into the spotlight currently surrounding Indigenous issues and longstanding Green Party initiatives to take ecological leadership from Indigenous communities,” noted a statement on the party’s website.

Brooks is a long-time Green supporter, “ecological and environmental defender and activist for Indigenous rights having played a significant role in the publishing of the final report on Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women,” notes the statement.

The Greens feel confident heading into the short election campaign.

“We have enough local momentum, dedication and savvied enthusiasm to make a serious run and make this short whirlwind of an election a memorable one with the potential to truly challenge the historical political landscape in Simcoe North,” noted the party’s statement.

While both candidates will be running for the first time, Durnford did put her name forward to represent the NDP during the Oct. 21, 2019 federal election.

However, she withdrew due to the party’s vetting policies.

Simcoe North has long been a Conservative stronghold. MP Bruce Stanton won five consecutive campaigns before announcing his retirement earlier this year.

Adam Chambers won a local contest among party members to carry the Conservative banner this year.

Meanwhile, the Liberals in Simcoe North also have a new candidate: Cynthia Wesley-Esquimaux. 

OrilliaMatters will profile each of the candidates in the days ahead.


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