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Orillia launches long-term climate change action plan

Goal is to 'garner ideas to create a sustainable Community Climate Change Action Plan to actively reduce our carbon footprint in Orillia,' says mayor
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The City of Orillia has officially launched “Orillia’s Climate Future”, an engaging campaign to build a long-term climate change action plan with the community - for the community.

"Climate change poses significant impacts to our community and environment and we are at a critical juncture.  As part of the City’s strategic planning process, climate change and a healthy environment were indicated to be priorities for Council and residents,” said Mayor Steve Clarke.

“With valuable input from Orillia residents and other stakeholders, we will garner ideas to create a sustainable Community Climate Change Action Plan to actively reduce our carbon footprint in Orillia.”

Feedback and input will be promoted through a series of engagement opportunities starting in August.

Residents will be encouraged to contribute their priorities and proposed actions to make the community stronger and more resilient for current and future generations.

A stakeholder committee consisting of community residents, businesses, and other organizations has formed and will provide input throughout the planning process. 

Understanding the impacts that local actions have on climate change and planning to actively reduce our carbon footprint as a community will support our goals to become a leading municipality in addressing climate change and environmental issues, as well as contribute to global, national, and provincial climate action commitments.

“By building a greener and more resilient community, Orillia’s economy and infrastructure will be better equipped to handle current and future climate changes, such as extreme heat, drought, precipitation, and flooding events,” said Renee Recoskie, Manager, Property and Environmental Sustainability.

“Pursuing measures to reduce local energy use and emissions will increase the resilience of local infrastructure, reduce energy costs, as well as create new economic development, investment, and funding opportunities.”

The Community Climate Action Plan (CCAP), as well as a Corporate Climate Action Plan (CAP) (focused solely on the city’s municipal operations), is anticipated to be presented to Council for review and endorsement in early 2022.

Orillia residents and other interested parties are invited to visit for more information or to sign up for updates on this project.




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