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Ramara Township under complete fire ban as of noon today

Ban is in place 'due to the extremely dry conditions, limited rain in the forecast, and poor air quality conditions,' said fire chief
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Due to extremely dry conditions and the poor air quality from the drifting wildfire smoke plumes, a complete fire ban is in effect for the Township of Ramara at noon today. As a result, no open burning is allowed. 

"We don't implement burn bans without careful consideration; we understand that in our community, outdoor burning - bonfires - are not only part of the summer cottage experience, they also provide leisure time to many of our citizens," states Chief Tony Stong.

"However, the health and safety of our residents is paramount. Like every community, we have people that suffer from diseases such as asthma or heart disease. Older adults, children, pregnant people, and people who work outdoors are at higher risk of experiencing health effects caused by wildfire smoke," said Stong.

"Thus, the Township of Ramara will be under a complete Fire Ban as of noon today due to the extremely dry conditions, limited rain in the forecast, and poor air quality conditions." 

As a result of the extreme hazard conditions, the complete fire ban results in the following: 

No open burning is allowed:

  • No campfires
  • No bonfires
  • No charcoal BBQs
  • No outdoor candles, lanterns, torches, and 
  • No fire pits 
  • Fires for cooking are only allowed in recognized campgrounds 
  • Fireworks are NOT permitted. All Fireworks permits are suspended until further notice
  • Only a CSA-approved propane or gas appliance with a shut-off and a lid is approved for cooking and shall be turned off when done

We ask residents with a burning complaint to please call 705-484-5374 ext. 253 during regular business hours or call 705-325-5201 after hours. For more information about the Township of Ramara's Burning By-law and the Fire Rating, please visit