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Refillery District a step forward for Orillia and planet: Entrepreneurs

Tyler Knight and Allie Fry thankful for support of community and CDC; 'We wanted to make it accessible for everybody so it would catch on'

The following 'success story' was submitted to OrilliaMatters by the Orillia Area Community Development Corporation. 
When the planet called, two local entrepreneurs answered.

Tyler Knight and Allie Fry knew Orillia needed a zero-waste store, and that’s what gave birth to the Refillery District.

“We felt we could make a difference in our community, and eventually the planet,” said Knight.

“We wanted to make it accessible for everybody so it would catch on,” said Fry. And that’s exactly what happened with their store at 18 Mississaga St. E. downtown Orillia.

“We were so passionate that we were sure we would make it work,” said Knight.

Encouragement and support from the Community Development Corp. (CDC) in Orillia gave them the boost to go for it.

From experience, Knight knew the CDC would be the best place to start.

“We knew they would be able to give us an honest opinion,” he said. “The response from the staff was an overwhelming yes.”

The CDC staff guided them about the business plan and cash-flow projections to see if it was a viable and sustainable idea. Once that was done, they helped the two acquire financing within a week.

“With that, we were able to start with a bigger inventory to make for a full grocery shopping experience for everyone,” explained Knight.

“The CDC was very involved in the process and pushed us to keep things rolling and informed us about anything we could take advantage of,” he added.

Moreover, Fry said that support gave them both confidence, and with the CDC’s help, they were able to hire employees through the 2018 Youth Wage Subsidy Program.

Customers can go to the Refillery District and shop using reusable containers. The store carries a variety of products, such as free-range meat, produce, household cleaners, bath and beauty items, and zero-waste items such as reusable straws and beeswax wraps.

“Everything is as locally sourced as possible, and that suits the conscious-minded Orillia community,” said Fry.

“That’s what it comes down to,” she said. “If you have a relationship with nature, you're more apt to act responsibly towards it.”

For more information about the Refillery District visit or call (705) 259-3261.

For more information on the Orillia Area Community Development Corp. (CDC), please contact or visit