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Severn Sound Environmental Association launches Restore the Shore

Waterfront property owners encouraged to take part in program and must register by June 1

The Severn Sound Environmental Association (SSEA) is inviting waterfront property owners to participate in a new initiative, Restore the Shore using the Natural Edge.

If you are a waterfront property owner on a lake or river in the Severn Sound area (see map of project delivery area) and want to protect it by naturalizing your shoreline, the SSEA wants to hear from you.

With generous support from our partners and external grants including Watersheds Canada and Huronia Community Foundation, landowners will receive a shoreline self-assessment survey and application and, if selected, SSEA will schedule a free site visit to assess the shoreline and discuss potential planting plans. Approved projects will receive a starter kit with up to 50 plants (75 per cent of the costs up to $300 covered by SSEA) and educational resources.

“Shorelines are richly diverse ecosystems,” says executive director Julie Cayley. “We are excited to be working with partners to be able to offer this opportunity to property owners to protect their shoreline and water quality for generations to come.”

By protecting lake and riverfront shorelines with native plants adapted to the region these natural buffers will help stabilize soil, protecting property from erosion and reducing the impacts of flooding, improve water quality, filter pollutants, and provide crucial habitat for diverse wildlife. The program is being offered on a first-come, first-served basis. For more information, visit SSEA’s website. To sign up for Restore the Shore please contact SSEA at 705-534-7283 or [email protected]. The deadline for registration is June 1, 2024.

Please note that while SSEA is dedicated to providing support for your shoreline naturalization project, assistance is limited to site visits, guidance, and provision of native plants. They do not engage in shoreline engineering or any related landscaping/construction activities. Landowners are responsible for any required federal, provincial and municipal permits and or approvals.



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