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Tattoo artists hope to tell story with their work at Barrie expo

Inked Circus Tattoo Expo on this weekend at Eastview Arena

They come in all shapes and sizes for this weekend’s Inked Circus Tattoo Expo at Barrie’s Eastview Arena.

The tattoos and the people.

With about 150 tattoo artists from Canada and internationally, the Grove Street arena is packed with people and ink for the three-day event.

People like Dana Seeley, 34, of Dundalk, who was sprawled on a table to get her calf tattooed.

“I wanted a goddess tattoo and he chose it for me,” she said, nodding toward tattoo artist Ace, who said the goddess was named Maa Kali.

“She has an amazing history and what she stands for,” said Seeley, who had 20 tattoos on her arms and legs. “She’s a figure of death and rebirth. She’s there at all times you need her.”

Jesse Brownlee’s tattoo has a J.R.R. Tolkien theme from artist Danielle Diane, telling the story of Middle-earth.

It shows Sauron’s finger with the One Ring, the Enemy, the Dark Lord, at the height of his power.

“I just like The Lord of the Rings,” said Brownlee, who is from Barrie. “I’ve just read the book once, but watched the movies more.”

Laura Metzger, 34, of Kincardine, says she has 16 tattoos and has been getting them for 18 years. Saturday’s was a black and grey mandala or what’s been called a geometric compilation of symbols.

“I think that they all tell a story,” Metzger said of tattoos, as artist Anna Miller, of Wingham, got to work.

“It’s also a way of expressing yourself, and the friendships along the way.”

Megan Burnside, 22, lives in the Lindsay area and was getting a tattoo with a lion’s head and flowers Saturday afternoon.

“It’s my artist. I’m here for him,” she said, pointing to Ryan Belich, of Barrie. “He does some pretty good work.”

Burnside said she has nine or 10 tattoos, all by Belich, all during the past five years.

The Inked Circus Tattoo Expo runs until 11 p.m. Saturday, and continues 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. Sunday.

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