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WEEKLY TIP: Group provides 12 ways to keep planet fit for humans

Individuals acting greener can help drive change - especially if change is demanded from policy makers, says Sustainable Orillia

EDITOR'S NOTEOrilliaMatters is partnering with Sustainable Orillia to publish a weekly tip. Check back here every Tuesday evening for a new tip. For more information, visit the Sustainable Orillia website.

While it is true that reducing greenhouse gases, garbage and pollution means that big structural things need to change, the drive to change will likely require lots of individuals acting greener—and then demanding the same from our policy makers.

For example, here are 12 things each of us can do:

  1. Cycle, walk or take the bus instead of driving, whenever it is an option;
  2. Fly less;
  3. Buy fewer things that have been imported;
  4. Eat less meat;
  5. Boycott companies that actively damage the environment for profit;
  6. Avoid products with excessive packaging;
  7. Avoid going on cruises;
  8. Avoid single use plastic, or leave it at the store;
  9. Buy local;
  10. Pick up litter;
  11. Patronize thrift shops; and
  12. Vote

There is no question that changing the structural elements of our global economy will have more of an impact than any individual's actions. Still, being conscientious about our individual choices can be the precursor to those structural changes.

Green alternatives can be, or may become, cheaper than current options!

Individual green consumer habits may alter what the market offers. Greener habits will hopefully translate into greener voting patterns, which will enable policies that exert pressure on industry to reduce carbon emissions.

Let’s BE the change!


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