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What a royal mess!

As family squabbles go, the one with the Royals is a bloody mess! As Wendy warns in "Everything King" heads may roll.

Well, this is a Royal mess!

As of this writing, we know that the Duke and Duchess of Sussex — Prince Harry and Meghan — have decided to step away from being “senior royals” and some of the demands that come with that role.

They want to become financially independent so as not to depend on the Queen (aka British taxpayers) for their income and homes.

Remember when they decided not to spend Christmas in the United Kingdom? We should have seen a chink in the armour, then.

Here are a few things I know for sure without really knowing anything about the situation or how it works politically or historically.

1. Making such a momentus decision about your future and the future of the entire Royal Family while vacationing in another country is cowardly. Doing it by way of Instagram may be modern, it is also tacky.

Not telling the Queen is so disrespectful. Actually, Harry was told not to go public with it. She’s not only your monarch and your boss, but more importantly, she’s your grandma! You both should have taken your butts to the castle and brought some crumpets, sat down over tea and hashed out your issues. 

I don’t think it is too smart to defy a woman who has swords and knows how to use them. The Queen hasn’t reigned for decades without learning a thing or two about negotiations, compromise and how to handle sucky, out of control children.

2. I also know that whatever the real reasons for this family fracture and the recent decision to step back from some Royal duties, Meghan is going to wear this.

She's the newbie and the outsider. She's a commoner. If she felt bullied before, hold on to your tiara. 

Nobody will blame Harry. He is too cute. He’s a ginger. He has always been rebellious. All true. He will come out either as the great husband and dad forced into this change to keep his wife happy, or he will be the poor unfortunate sap who has to do this to keep his wife happy.

In any scenario, Meghan just became Yoko Ono who broke up the band.

3. I don’t think you just leave the Royal Family. Isn’t it kind of like the Mafia, but with less horse heads and nicer manners? I mean, you are born into it. It is your destiny. Your duty. 

I feel there is a lot more to it than a quick message saying in effect: “Yeah, peeps this lifestyle is too hard. Reporters are mean.  They are taking our pictures all the time. They write hateful stuff. We don’t like all these dumb household rules that make no sense in today's world. 

"We don’t mind opening a garden or two or visiting some hospitals and making speeches about what we are passionate about but the rest of it, well, we are kind of over it. We want to do what we want when we want. But, first we will trademark 100 products with our likeness so we can still make money from the Royal name whilst becoming totally financially independent and trying to move away from the Royal famiy. We'll keep the estate. You can still curtsy.”

Don’t get me wrong. I can’t obviously imagine how structured their life has to be. It never did look fun to me other than the carriage rides and the cool ladies’ hats. 

I can understand there is a desire to carve out a new family life. They have a baby to think about. 

Meghan probably still wants to act. 

I actually think Prince Harry is, in some way, still trying to protect his mother, Princess Diana, from the paparazzi and the weight of the life that crushed her spirit and ultimately took her life. That is commendable. 

We have heard suggestions that Meghan is not handling the pressure well and feeling alone and attacked. Maybe her mental health is at stake. Maybe, you just don’t know how bad it feels until you are in the midst of it all. There's certainly nothng wrong with self care.

The saddest part is the fact that this — or something — has driven a wedge between Harry and William. I find that heartbreaking. Their close relationship was a testament to their parents' guidance and to their own internal fortitude. I hate to see that friendship tainted in any way.

Last I heard, there had been a conference call with the Queen, Harry, William and Charles. (Oh, to be a fly on the wall!) I am sure there will be a lot more discussion about all of this and what it could mean to the tradition of the monarchy.

It seems very sad.

In any case, blood will be shed — be it red or blue!

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