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Yoga, fitness, music, meditation and vegan cuisine on the menu

Second annual Muskoka Yoga Festival takes place this weekend in Bracebridge
2018-7-11 MuskokaYogaFest.jpg
The Muskoka Yoga Festival begins Friday in Bracebridge. Contributed photo


Calling all Yogis. The second annual Muskoka Yoga Festival is happening this year on July 14 and 15 at Annie Williams Park in Bracebridge. 

The weekend of yoga, fitness, music, meditation and vegan cuisine kicks off on Friday, July 13, with a sunset cruise aboard the Lady Muskoka. The Festival will provide over 50 hours of Yoga, Meditation, and Fitness Workshops outside in Annie Williams Park with 30 of your favourite Ontario teachers.

There are classes for just about everyone. Some classes include Pre-natal Yoga, Yoga for Better Sex, Elemental SHINE – The Compass of Your TrueNorthness, and Yoga as a Tool for Personal Transformation.

“We have simple meditation workshops where anyone who can sit can take the class. There are also fitness classes like cardio training for people who want more fitness than yoga. Because we have workshops with different yoga styles, anyone with yoga ability or who wants to get into yoga can participate. The nice thing about the festival’s atmosphere is if you don’t like an activity, you can get up and go to another one.” -  Ashley Boone, Muskoka Yoga Festival co-founder and Bracebridge resident.

The festival is committed to diverse programming that welcomes all bodies, all ages, all budgets, and even your dog. The festival is also committed to the environment and will be offering conservation workshops and designated donations to the Muskoka Conservancy. There will also be a ban on single-use plastics and only healthy, local vegan food options.

The 2018 Line up of Ontario teachers include: Wendy Martin, Ann Green, Jaimee Horn, Suptopia Floating Yoga, Happy Jack, Darren Austin Hall, Acro Buddhas, Shirlee Williams, Jonathan & Queenie Phair, Cassidy Thedorf, Shannon Hastings, Brad Fitzsimmons, Andre Talbot, Nicky Yates, Ashley Niblett, Allie Chisholm-Smith, Rachel McLean, Megan Marie Gates, Simon Swanek & Mark Reinhart, Cat O’Connor and many more.

For more information about the festival please visit the website here.

For ticketing information visit Universe.

About Co-Founder Ashley Boone

Ashley has been practicing yoga for ten years and teaching her practice for five years. She founded Zen Muskoka, a thriving yoga studio in Bracebridge, Ontario in 2013 where she continues to offer classes and workshops. She has led and facilitated international yoga retreats and co-founded the Muskoka Yoga Festival, a two-day outdoor yoga event that draws thousands of people to her tiny town every summer. Having competed in and coached artistic gymnastics, Ashley is passionate about physical expression that includes safe alignment tailored to the individual, a calm and focused mindset, and a true balance between strength and flexibility training. When she’s not on the mat teaching presence and patience, you can find her feet strapped into skis or dancing along a surfboard.

About Co-Founder Cory Sterling

Cory Sterling is a corporate lawyer and founder of Yoga Law and Conscious Counsel. His practices’ home base is Vancouver, BC. Cory’s unique approach to serving and educating clients is unprecedented in the legal world and his outreach is international. Outside of the office, his group fitness instruction is sought after because of its unique twist; combining goal setting, introspection and vast amounts of sweat in each session.

Since the age of 17, Cory has travelled the world, lived on five continents and visited seventy countries. From his perspective, life must be enjoyed and this is communicated and experienced in every interaction with all clients.