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Local karate students shine at Toronto tourney

YMCA Karate School instructor 'tremendously proud' of athletes' accomplishments
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Students from the Orillia YMCA Karate School excelled at the recent 46th Toronto Academy of Karate, Fitness and Health tournament.


Thirteen students from the Orillia YMCA Karate School recently travelled to Toronto for the 46th Annual Karate Tournament with the Toronto Academy of Karate, Fitness and Health. The program is now in its 30th year at the Orillia YMCA and, according to instructor Gerry Ramsay, its students have always shown well at the annual tournament.

“I am tremendously proud of our accomplishments,” says Ramsay. “Our Orillia students are up against some stiff competition, but as usual they performed with spirit and precision.”

Students participated in Kata (patterns) and Kumite (sparring.)

Results are as follows:

Yellow Belts - Riley Masnica: 1st Kata & 1st Kumite; Hunter Lami: 3rd Kata & 2nd Kumite; Peter Lami: 2nd Kata & 3rd Kumite; Emma Bremner: 4th Kata & 4th Kumite .

Green Belts - Kyra Felgner: 2nd Kata & 2nd Kumite; David Rehm: 6th Kata & 4th Kumite.

Blue Belts - Theresa Felgner: 1st Kata.

Purple Belts - Tony Grimaldi: 4th Kata & 1st Kumite.

Brown Belts - Daniel Patriquin:1st Kata & 1st Kumite.

Black Belts - Stacie Theis: 2nd Kata & 3rd Kumite; Ian Munday: 4th Kata & 4th Kumite; Jack Shell: 7th Kata & 2nd Kumite; Gerry Ramsay: 5th Kata.

New students are always welcome. The Summer Program session starts June 25 and runs until Aug. 27. Classes are on Monday evenings from 6 to 8 p.m., and all are welcome to try the first class for free.

For more information, contact the Orillia YMCA at 705-325-6168 or Gerry Ramsay at 705-326-8259.




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