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Team Volley rallies to nail-biting win in inaugural Orillia Tennis Club event

Davis Cup-style tournament went down to the wire

The first annual Davis Cup style tournament at Orillia Tennis Club was a thriller.

Team Dropshots led three other teams with 20 games won. Under the leadership of Jeff Booth, a phenomenal tennis enthusiast with a wicked southpaw resembling John McEnroe, Team Dropshots jumped out to an early lead.

The closest team in the final match was between Team Volley and Team Slammers. Team Volley, led by local tennis instructor Peter Koehli, and Team Slammers, led by resilient Neil Goldenberg, needed nine games each to tie Team Dropshots.

It came down to the last final set of games where Team Volley progressed to four games to tie Team Dropshots. And Team Volley delivered a nail-biting four final games win in a row over Team Slammers. That essentially tied Team Dropshots with 20 wins.

On to the rule book we went .... the decider of the championship was total number of points won in the 20 games. Team Volley won with 307 points; Team Dropshots had 297 points.

The first annual Orillia Tennis Club Davis Cup tournament victor is Team Volley: Peter Koehli (captain), Colin Old, Ken Brownlee, Rob Campbell, Kathryn Campbell, Apurva Patel, Terry Gould, Heather Koehli, and the substitute difference maker, Shannon Kearns.

Congratulations to all that participated, much fun was had by all. A special thank you to Kevin Smith for organizing this wonderful community event.

For more information on the Orillia Tennis Club, go to their website.