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You will not believe the feat these twins pulled off

11-year-olds score in shootout, from centre ice; each net $1000 US

Despite being nervous, the opportunity to win a slice of pizza and T-shirt gave twin sisters from Orillia the courage to participate in a shootout during the intermission of their sister’s hockey game at Buffalo State University.

Standing at the red line, Melanie Decock stepped up to centre ice, took a last look down the ice at the puck-sized slot in the piece of plywood affixed to the net and propelled the puck toward the tiny target. She was as surprised as anyone when the puck slid through the hole; she started jumping up and down in celebration as the surprised fans cheered.

Then it was Hailey’s turn. She calmly stepped up to the puck and quickly fired the rubber disc down the ice and, in a feat that defies the odds, duplicated her sister’s feat.

“We were told by athletic director Tom Koller, who MCs the competition, that no one has been successful in this contest for quite a few years,” said the girls’ father, Peter. “They showed it on the Buffalo local news … It is making news in the Buffalo area.”

Peter and his wife, and their 11-year-old twin daughters were at Buffalo State to see their eldest, Emily, play.

Like their older sister, the twins love hockey. They play together for the Orillia Hawks peewee girls’ team and also play boys’ hockey with the Orillia Terriers. However, they weren’t expecting to score in the contest whose odds are stacked against the participants. “They did it for a slice a pizza and a T-shirt,” said Peter. “They did not expect to win $1,000 (US) each. It was unbelievable.”

Unfortunately, Emily Decock was in the dressing room between periods and did not witness the feat.

“Emily didn't know the girls were shooting; she was in the dressing room,” said the girls’ proud father. “They heard the screams in the room and assumed somebody scored. Somebody poked their head in the door and said Emily’s sisters won $2,000 and they all cheered but had to refocus on the game.”