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TELL US A STORY: Mom inspired by 'resiliency' during pandemic

Olivia Trussell is the winner of our first +member writing contest; She answered the question: How has the pandemic changed you for the better?
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My life prior to the pandemic can be summed up in one word: Hectic.

I am the mom of three kids under the age of 10. I work full-time as an elementary school teacher. It felt like I was running at full speed from the time I woke up in the early hours of the morning until I crashed at night, often on my two-year-old’s floor.

Then, just before the beginning of March Break, everything came to a screeching halt.

My days were no longer hectic. However, something new filled the air — Anxiety.

There was anxiety as I worried about fulfilling the emotional, social, physical, and academic needs of my children. There was anxiety as I worried about my students while I tried to engage them virtually. There was anxiety as I worried if my husband’s business could survive the shutdown.

Anxiety filled my thoughts as I worried about our extended family members and friends, especially my elderly and ill father. Even grocery shopping became an anxiety-filled event.

As I adjusted to the new normal, I saw something inspiring.


My children adjusted to virtual schooling. I learned to teach virtually.

Most importantly, I will forever be grateful for the time that we were able to spend together.

I saw a school community come together and take care of each other. The focus was not just on academics, but rather the whole child. 

A school community that ensured that all families had food to eat, activities such as puzzles and books, as well as devices and access to the internet.

A community, both locally and nationally, that came together to celebrate our essential works by hanging signs, painting rocks and clanging pots and pans.

Messages of hope appeared in some of the most unexpected places. People helped one another, whether they were friends or strangers.

How did the pandemic change my life for the better?

Firstly, I was inspired by the resiliency of everyone around me.

Maybe I didn’t accomplish anything big during this time, but I was able to focus on myself as a whole person. I did little things that brought me joy.

I played with my kids. I helped others in the community. I cooked and baked daily. I read books and gardened. I took a course and joined a book study. I was able to develop a regular workout routine.

Each of these may seem simple and small, but busy moms understand how these things are anything but simple.

As this pandemic drags on and life begins to get a little hectic again, I will forever remember the kindness, gratitude and resiliency that I witnessed and try to incorporate them in my daily life.

I will also try to continue to make time for the little things.

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