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Feeling stressed out? This activity is all the rage at axe-throwing facility (3 photos)

Rage Room is a 'great way to let out frustration that’s for sure,' says manager of facility that is in dire need of donations of stuff to smash

Are you looking to relieve some pandemic-related stress? Ax Men provides an ideal opportunity to do just that with their Rage Room.

“The Rage Room is somewhere you can let out all your frustrations over COVID, work, divorce, you name it,” says manager Amanda Vega.

Ax Men opened in 2017 as the city's only urban axe-throwing club. However, since the opening of their Rage Room back in 2020, many customers are flocking to the business to let off some steam.

“It feels like people are forgetting that we have axe-throwing now, to be honest. It’s kind of crazy,” Vega said.

“People are pissed off with being locked down, being out of work, and I’m sure there are a lot of relationships that have suffered over COVID. It’s a great way to let out frustration that’s for sure."

Before going into the Rage Room, Ax Men suits up participants with protective gear such as gloves and masks. Then, participants can choose between a golf club, baseball bat, or a hammer they can use to hammer away at targets and breakables. 

“It’s cheaper than therapy. I have not had one complaint when people come out of that room. They express to me how much they needed it, and the best part is they don’t have to clean it up afterward," Vega quipped.

For one person the Rage Room costs $35, for two it’s $59, and for groups of three to four, it costs $99 plus tax.

Because of its popularity, Ax Men is in desperate need of electronics for people to smash.

“This is the first time we’ve come across this issue. Recently, we’ve been booked solid and the electronics are slowly going away,” Vega said.

Ax Men is looking for speakers, printers, televisions, gaming consoles, stereos, DVD players, clocks, and larger items with glass. Donations can be dropped off at their 5 Ontario St. location.


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