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It's simple! Lock it or lose it

An unlocked vehicle could allow an opportunistic thief to gain valuable documentation that could lead to identity theft
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The Ontario Provincial Police is reminding people to always make sure that when you leave your vehicle, you should always make sure that it is locked.

An unlocked vehicle could not only result in an obvious loss of anything that may be left in it, but could allow an opportunistic thief the ability to gain valuable documentation that could lead to identity theft. Wallets and purses are sometimes left behind in error and they contain a lifetime of valuable information, not to mention currency, credit cards and other valuables that can be hard to replace.

Motor vehicle ownership and insurance cards also contain information about the registered owner that could be used by identity thieves to falsely create a profile that results in credit cards and other forms of identification being obtained. Once acquired, they can then be fraudulently used leaving you holding a statement that you have no knowledge of.

Lock it or lose it; it's that simple. You've worked hard for your identity; don't let anyone else have what is rightfully yours.