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Pedophile Shayne Lund denied parole, deemed too risky by panel

Shayne Lund was convicted of a series of sex-related offences including 14 females as young as two years old
161019Shayne Lund
Shayne Lund is pictured in a file photo that was presented as a court exhibit during trial.

A Midland pedophile declared a dangerous offender after being convicted of a series of sex offences involving children has been denied parole.

Shayne Lund, 28, is serving an indeterminate sentence in relation to attacks on 14 females as young as two years old. The 35 charges ranged from arranging sex offences involving children, printing child pornography, bestiality and sexual assault.

He pleaded guilty to the charges in 2016.

“It is the board's opinion that you will present an undue risk to society if released and that your release will not contribute to the protection of society by facilitating your reintegration into society as a law-abiding citizen,” the two-member parole board panel wrote in the Sept. 7 decision.

In making its decision, the panel said it relied on information in the file because Lund provided no written submissions and waived his right to a hearing. It credited him with acknowledging that any community release would be premature.

In its written decision, the panel pointed out that Lund had help from two co-conspirators with whom he had sexual relationships which resulted in the convictions.

It was after one of the victims went to police that investigators found photos, texts and videos on his cellphones indicating that there were 13 other victims, according to the decision which details a years-long series of sexual encounters, much of it photographed and videotaped.

“You had easy access to these victims through your two co-accused, past sexual partners and friends,” the decision reads. “Information found on your phone also suggested that you possessed a behaviour of bestiality.”

It also referred to the victim impact statements indicating that the victims suffered enduring emotional and psychological trauma.

Lund, it pointed out, had spent some time in segregation or protective custody, but was transferred to a lower-security institution where he integrated into the general population.

He has been living in a range or section of jail where he is responsible for his own groceries and cooking. He has work through the correctional system’s CORCAN construction program and participates in sporting activities. He has also completed some programming while in prison and is working toward his Ontario Secondary School Diploma.

He’s also found love in jail, developing a relationship with a pen pal which has progressed to institutional visits.

A psychological assessment in March found him to be in the low end of the moderate range of risk for general recidivism and violent recidivism and “a high risk for sexual offence recidivism when all the variables were considered.”

About the Author: Marg. Bruineman, Local Journalism Initiative

Marg. Buineman is an award-winning journalist covering justice issues and human interest stories for BarrieToday.
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