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Book your full detailing service online with Sunshine Superwash

New online platform offers convenient options

Of all the major purchases you make in your lifetime, your vehicle is the one that can quickly depreciate if routine maintenance is neglected. One of the best things you can do for your new vehicle is to keep it clean inside and out. This not only helps maintain the vehicle’s resale value, but removing dirt, oils, and corrosive winter salts can help protect your vehicle’s exterior and keep it from prematurely rusting.

Having your vehicle regularly detailed by a professional service like Sunshine Superwash is a proactive way to maintain its value and pristine condition. Now, to go along with all its other services, Sunshine Superwash has developed a convenient online booking platform that allows you to book detailing services online up to a month in advance.

“The new booking system has just gone up on our website,” said Scott Hewett, who along with his brother operates the business. “Now it’s easy to go online and book an express service or full interior detailing with exterior wash.”

Founded in 1970 by Hewett’s grandparents, Sunshine Superwash is a three-generational family business that has become an iconic fixture in the area. Customers have come to recognize the quality of both the exterior wash capabilities and the detailing services. Through the newly launched website portal, customers can book their choice of detailing services at their own convenience according to Hewett.

“We have two options including an express interior was and a full interior detailing,” said Hewett. “With the express interior you can choose an express carpet shampoo, an express seat shampoo, and an express wax. We also offer an online booking for full detailing option that includes all three service plus an exterior wash staring at $139.99 plus tax.”

Hewett suggests that regular detailing should be scheduled every month to two months depending on the level of use and depth of cleaning required. People who tend to drive higher end cars should consider regular detailing as part of ongoing maintenance. That also includes stopping in for regular exterior washes during the winter to mitigate the effects of ice, slush, and road salt.

For full details on the new online booking system, visit the Sunshine Superwash website here.

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