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Book your full detailing service online with Sunshine Superwash

New online platform offers convenient options

Winter weather can have a significant long-term impact on your car, but so too can the external elements used to mitigate road safety during the season.

Salt and sand used to make roads slightly safer to travel can accumulate in places throughout your vehicle you would never think to consider. Chances are, without proper rustproofing and diligent maintenance and cleaning, you won’t even know the elements are eating away at your car or truck until those first inevitable rust spots start to seep through.

Manufacturers do their best to help Canadians protect the value of their vehicles by designing a very strong protective layer on top of the vehicle's exterior. However, to avoid the acceleration of corrosion and to extend the life of your vehicle, the easy thing to do is to have your car washed regularly in the winter – and the owners of Sunshine Superwash have a great plan to ensure that happens.


“We offer a monthly membership here that gives people the option to have their car washed everyday,” said Scott Hewett, whose family has owned and operated the Sunshine Superwash since it was founded in 1970. “You pay for it, so it’s yours to use as often as you like. Most people come in a couple times a week. It depends on how much they like to maintain their vehicle.”

Sunshine Superwash actually offers three distinct carwash plans that give vehicle owners a variety of options. These include the Basic Plan, the Deluxe Plan, and the Super Plan, which gives you unlimited car washes for just $49.99 a month. When you consider that the usual price for the super wash is around $18 a visit, that monthly plan works out to be an incredible bargain. That’s especially true for vehicle owners who do a great deal of winter driving that exposes the entire vehicle to salt and other external agents.

“We have a fair number of members,” said Hewett. “If you can make it here three times a month you make your money back. Our top package includes full body protection, our ceramic wax, salt eliminator in winter and a bug eliminator in the summer. It’s a great deal.”

Sunshine Superwash is a friction-based automatic carwash that uses fully softened water heated to 100 degrees Fahrenheit. Hewett said the family-owned business takes great care to ensure their process delivers the ultimate carwash.

“You can’t clean without friction. Our motto is ‘keep it clean,’ and we apply that to everything, from the car wash brushes to the floors and walls and lobby. We maintain it all on a daily basis.”

Securing your monthly plan of choice is as easy as visiting the company website and choosing your plan. Upon your first visit you will be given an interior windshield sticker than reflects your plan and allows you entry each time you need a wash. Given the benefits of keeping your car clean, buying a package from Sunshine Superwash is an investment in your vehicle. The average wash takes just three minutes from start to finish, so drop into the Starbucks drive-through next door, grab your favourite beverage, and take advantage of your wash package!

For more information, visit Sunshine Superwash at 184d Front Street South in Orillia. Book online at

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