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Bremner Orthopaedic Bracing: Tailoring solutions to real-life orthopedic needs in Orillia

With shared values, Miller Health and Bremner Orthopaedic Bracing work together to find the best solutions for their patients

At Bremner Orthopaedic Bracing in Orillia, they're shaking things up in orthopedic care.

Heather Bremner, a Registered Kinesiologist for more than 30 years, blends her solid background in physics, biomechanics, and anatomy with a keen insight into human movement. This combo brings a fresh, patient-focused twist to orthopedic bracing.

From Theory to Therapy

Established in 1998, following Bremner's significant experience in Toronto working alongside a knee surgeon, the clinic has been pivotal in transitioning theoretical knowledge into effective therapy.

"Our approach, rooted in my kinesiology background, enables us to address a broad spectrum of orthopedic needs beyond just knee conditions," Bremner shares.

Addressing Myths, Offering Solutions

A critical focus at Bremner Orthopaedic Bracing is debunking myths surrounding orthopedic bracing. "Many believe braces weaken joints, but in reality, proper bracing can support and even enhance the strengthening process," Bremner clarifies.

The clinic ensures patients understand their conditions and the role of bracing in their treatment. "We focus on how bracing supports and aids movement, rather than restricting it. This understanding is vital for effective treatment and patient confidence in their recovery journey," she adds.

Beyond the Brace: A Personalized Approach

Personalization is at the heart of the clinic's services. "In our clinic, we strive beyond merely providing braces; our goal is to enhance the daily lives of our patients through comprehensive, empathetic care that empowers and educates," states Bremner. This ethos is reflected throughout the clinic's operations, from detailed consultations to personalized fitting of braces.

In collaboration with healthcare professionals across Orillia and surrounding areas, Bremner Orthopaedic Bracing has established itself as a trusted provider of orthopedic solutions. "Partnering with medical practitioners is key to offering orthopedic support that aligns precisely with each patient's specific needs," she remarks.

For more information or to schedule a consultation, Bremner Orthopaedic Bracing can be contacted at (705) 329-1765, or visit them at 126 Mississaga St E, Orillia, ON L3V 1V7.

Registered Kinesiologist, Heather Bremner

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