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Embracing change in business

Jonathan Carter of KATA Accounting Solutions discusses how adapting to change can make a positive difference for any business.

How will COVID-19 change my business?

“As the pandemic has shown us, businesses have to be willing to adapt to survive. I'm positive that there are a lot of businesses out there - even accounting and bookkeeping firms - that aren't going to be around much longer because they refuse to change,” says Jonathan.

Why is change important to my business?

Change in any business is inevitable, especially in the current climate when many companies are quickly trying to adapt to the COVID-19 pandemic and the need to work remotely. As an expert on the subject, Jonathan Carter, CPA, CMA, and Principal Accountant of KATA Accounting Solutions PC knows all about the importance of managing change. In 2018, Jonathan was awarded the Inspire Accountant Award for his forward-thinking contributions to the industry. He has also been recognized with the Intuit Insightful Accountant 2021 Top 100 ProAdvisor award

How can an accountant help my business find opportunity in change?

KATA Accounting Solutions PC helps businesses move their accounts toward cloud systems, which takes some getting used to for most management and staff. “Engaging your team in the planning and implementation process can really make a huge difference when change is imminent,” explains Jonathan. “Meeting as a team creates conversation and ideas, and most importantly, buy-in. Getting your team to participate in planning and implementing the change is the most effective tool there is. It's also important to show, not tell, people how this will make their lives easier. When implementing cloud-based tools, the whole point is to make things easier. It doesn't always work out, but don't just keep doing something because that's how you've always done it.”

How do I adjust to change in my business?

Not everyone is excited to try a new system, especially when they are comfortable with the status quo. “Some of the biggest challenges that still exist are fear and ego. A lot of the time, when a customer wants ‘on-site’ service, it's driven by ego and the desire to control the people they're working with. Once this can be overcome, customers usually see the value of having more regular access to the team and flexibility to work on things anywhere, not to mention the data-security that comes from using the cloud.”

Why is change beneficial to my business?

Change can make your life easier. According to Jonathan, change isn’t always comfortable, but the payoff is usually worth it. “My favourite thing to see is a customer's sense of relief once they realize they're in good hands. Once a good system is implemented and brought up to date, there's one less thing for management to actively worry about. They can get excited about seeing what has happened and can start looking toward the future instead of back at what happened,” he says.

What can make change easier for my business?

It can be difficult for businesses to recognize when change could be beneficial. In the world of bookkeeping and accounting, there are a few telltale signs that it might be time to try something new. Jonathan says, “The number one reason people switch bookkeeping or accounting firms is poor communication or a lack of communication. Another big reason to consider a change is accountability. Mistakes will happen, but if good quality control mechanisms are in place, they can be caught early and fixed.” 

Will changing my business to use more technology make me obsolete?

Technology will improve your business - it's getting over the fear that's the hard part. Even Jonathan encounters concerns over change within his own industry. Some bookkeepers and accountants are concerned that automated systems, artificial intelligence, and machine learning will make the industry obsolete. 

“We don't see this happening any time soon. As major tech companies continue to develop, they seem to gloss-over the fact that bad sample data can have a huge impact that increases the number of mistakes algorithms make,” he explains. “It's important to have a good relationship with the people and businesses you work with. A computer can't understand the nuance of a human conversation and, as anyone who has used a chatbot knows, this can be very frustrating.”
Where can I get more help managing change with my small business?

For more information about how KATA Accounting Solutions PC can help your small business adapt to new ways of accounting and bookkeeping, visit their website or call their helpful team at 1-800-491-4803.